Since 1994 we have been running specialised international conferences, professional excellence and training programmes for oil and gas companies. We pioneered many event and course formats, and we are proud to be experts in what we do.

The Company’s Mission

By organising the best events and training programmes we seek to help the industry deploy the best management practices and cutting edge technologies, str. We help you to move forward.

We cover:

  • Trading and transporting crude, gas, products, petrochemicals
  • Latest technologies and innovations in: exploration and production, refining, corrosion protection, industrial safety
  • Management in the oil and gas industry: corporate governance, finance, law, public relations in the fuel and energy complex

Our partners

  • We partner with and operate events for industry leaders and regulators.
  • Our clients represent the wide spectrum of oil and gas industry players – from niche specialised producers and refiners to majors, from small traders to global trading companies, from local freight forwarders to national rail and pipeline operators.
  • World leaders in research and analytics speak and lecture at our events and courses.
II Caspian Oil and Gas Trading and Transportation Conference

The conference was organized well. Despite the fact that we are right here, on the Caspian market, however, was a series of interesting and informative presentations for us. The Conference also failed in the sense of establishing new business relationships and new contacts

Managing Director of SGS Azeri Ltd