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Confidential Capital’s 10th Oil Traders Winter School took place 5-13 January in Dubai, UAE

The anniversary 10th Oil Traders Winter School was held by Confidence Capital 5-13 January in Dubai, UAE. This is a leading integrated training and professional development course for traders, top managers of oil and gas companies, commercial directors and operational specialists.

The training has been tailored based specifically on consolidation of the knowledge received during each training stage by practical tasks and work in groups. This allows students not only to dwell into the subject, but also to immediately identify and analyze the shortcomings that may arise during negotiating and closing real- life deals.

This year the extensive program for attendees was developed by Confidence Capital in partnership with experienced lecturers. On the first day, independent consultants Jamil Khan, a shipping services specialist, and Amit Nag, a ship agency specialist, addressed the audience. They talked about the tanker sector, negotiations and chartering, the role of the bill of lading in trading operations, the calculation of freight rates by Worldscale and other. Patrick Murphy, Clyde & Co partner, gave a detailed review of supply and transportation contracts in the oil trading industry. Richard Stub, HFW partner, spoke about the minimization of disputes over demurrage and demurrage risks.

Garry Swain, Managing Director of TwoTwoFive, traditionally shared his experience, knowledge and skills with course participants during several days of the training. He spoke in detail about the oil market, refining specifics crucial for traders, main markets for petroleum products, price risk management, deals, time spreads and storage, derivatives, arbitration and storage. Garry also was the moderator of an informative trading game exercise. During the game, they were able to apply their skills, work them out in a team and perform a number of practical exercises under the strict guidance of a professional.

Oil Traders Winter School has traditionally been held in Dubai for ten years. This is a brand-new approach to organization of trainings for practitioners who receive up-to-date skills and knowledge and the opportunity to apply them in their work in the near future.


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