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Registration for the 7th Baltic Oil and Gas Trading and Transportation Conference which will be held on 23-25 October in Riga continues
Join the only event that brings together key traders, refineries, transportation, logistics and bunkering companies of the region, which focuses not only on discussing general oil and gas industry issues, but also on solutions for specific areas.

Programme highlights:
• Overview and outlook for crude and oil products markets in the Baltic and North West Europe. Analysis of the main export destinations - Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Antwerp, North America, China, West Africa
• Transport infrastructure and storage capacity in the region - pipeline projects, rail and marine transportation, terminals
• The Eastern Baltic gas market. LNG import to the region - does it have potential?
• Up to date information on trading and logistics costs in Eastern Baltics and North West Europe – market overview of various crude oil grades and petroleum products, freight market, railway transportation tariffs, export duties from the Customs Union member states
• Strategic evaluation of new opportunities for the use of existing infrastructure and development of alternative trade routes
• Discussion sessions and the opportunity for direct contact with oil industry leaders and specialists
• Efficient information exchange with oil industry representatives and the governmental authorities of Europe and the Baltic states and their strategic partners
• Workshop: Commercial and technical aspect of oil and petroleum products transportation

For more information please contact:
George Pirchalaishvili,
georgep@ccapital.co.uk +44 208 349 1999

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