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The Black Sea - Med route is a key channel for crude and product exports from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. These flows to a large extent shape the Med market.

Black and Azov Sea terminals serve are an important hub for these flows and a starting point for arbitrage movements supplying Africa North America and China.

Understanding geography, storage, segregation and accumulation capacity, throughput speeds, draft, rail infrastructure of these terminals is key for running an efficient export and trading operation in the Black Sea – Med area.

On the other hand, understanding the market trends, existing trade flows and projections for the future enables the terminals to maximise profits, efficiency and tankage turnarounds.


BLACK SEA OIL PORTS AND TERMINALS CONFERENCE was created by Confidence Capital in partnership with the leading Black and Azov Sea oil terminals and exporters. The delegates will receive comprehensive information of the region’s throughput facilities, trade flows, throughput specifics at individual ports.

The Conference is a unique networking platform for traders, shipowners, terminal, rail and pipeline operators.

A special technology session has been created for terminals and technology suppliers. It covers advanced discharge, storage and vessel loading technologies.

  • Senior management of oil and gas majors
  • Traders and operators
  • Refiners
  • Terminal Operators
  • Rail operators and forwarders
  • Pipeline operators
  • Independent surveyors
  • Trade finance banks
  • Industry analysts and pricing agencies

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