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Conference Overview

Against a backdrop of rising production and oil and gas megaprojects, issues of environmental protection and industry safety are becoming a regional priority.

Environmental control, reduction of the environmental cost of industrial activity, oil spill prevention and response and the rehabilitation of oil contaminated land undoubtedly rank among the most important issues that the industry now faces.

State authorities and oil and gas companies are today aware of the vital necessity of preparing and implementing a series of measures aimed at minimising the environmental risks incurred during the development of oil and gas fields.

Equipment Exibition

Experts should not only hear about advances in equipment, but should see them “live”. For this reason, conference attendees will be able to visit a mini exhibition,at which leading suppliers will discuss and demonstrate their innovative technological solutions.

Technical and environmental safety issues, oil spill preparedness and response in the main segments of the oil and gas sector:

  • drilling and production of oil and gas
  • the offshore oil and gas industry
  • oil refining and gas processing
  • petrochemicals
  • oil and products storage and transportation

Thematic Coverage

  • Development of plans for oil spill prevention and response
  • Latest oil-spill prevention and clean-up technologies
  • Efficiency of current spill prevention and response methods
  • Introducing risk-management systems and procedures, action in the event of a spill and other incidents
  • Comprehensive oil clean-up measures and reducing industrial emissions
  • Reclamation and clean-up of polluted land and water
  • Working with government and environmental bodies

Reason to Attend:

  • To participate in discussions alongside representatives of governmental departments, oil and gas companies, developers of innovative technology and leading industry analysts
  • To discover the latest spill prevention and response technology
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of technology andequipment for oil spill response
  • To meet leading equipment suppliers and developers
  • To demonstrate technology and services to leading regional oil and gas companies at the exhibition

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