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О компании

V Росийско-Китайско-Казахстанский Нефтегазовый Форум

V-rosiyskogo Sino-Kazakh Oil and Gas Forum

I would like to thank the organizers of the Forum for the invitation and for the opportunity to address such an impressive audience. Organization of the Forum, we fully dovolny.Materialy Forum - very informative. We look forward to further cooperation and, in the case of such events in the future, will consider the possibility of participation. "

Deputy Head of Mission in China, OAO "Gazprom", Russian

О Летней школе нефтетрейдеров 2012

About the Summer School 2012 petrotraders

In the course "Summer School petrol traders" everything was high, ranging from registration, ending with the awarding of certificates. Liked an interesting combination of theory and practice. Especially useful and interesting theme was "price risks in the oil trade." I believe that this knowledge may be used in practice. Lecturers of the most liked Tan Hock. Its very deep and personal approach gives the opportunity to learn more of what was originally incorporated in the program.

JSC KazMunaiGas - PM

Об образовательном курсе  Налогообложение и таможенные пошлины  на нефть и нефтепродукты

An educational course Taxation and customs duties on oil and oil products

I loved the program "of taxation and customs duties when dealing with oil and oil products." KPO I do with issues related to taxation (mainly VAT) and customs clearance of exports of oil, and the knowledge gained from this workshop is very important to me. Also very valuable that I poznako-milsya with delegates who had come from other companies, such as TCO and Transneft.

Manager, Budget and Accounts Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV, Aksai, Kazakhstan

II Каспийская нефтегазовая  торгово-транспортная конференция

II Caspian Oil and Gas Trading and Transportation Conference

The conference was organized well. Despite the fact that we are right here, on the Caspian market, however, was a series of interesting and informative presentations for us. The Conference also failed in the sense of establishing new business relationships and new contacts

Managing Director of SGS Azeri Ltd

Oil and Petrochemical Industry of the Republic of Belarus - Prospects for International Cooperation

Thank you so much for a successful conference in Minsk. We got a lot of important information on the oil industry and have established contacts that will serve as the basis for future development of our company. We hope in the future to participate in conferences organized by Confidence Capital. Kind regards.


Нефтяная и нефтехимическая отрасль Республики Беларусь – перспективы международного сотрудничества

Oil and Petrochemical Industry of the Republic of Belarus - Prospects for International Cooperation

We are very grateful to Confidence Capital for the opportunity to participate in the conference. Our report was dedicated to the experience of cooperation with Belarusian oil industry, report on the funding industry and aimed to stimulate the interest not only of international traders, but also financial institutions that sponsor the purchase of petroleum products from Belarus, using the experience, capabilities and financial instruments of our banking group, ensure unconditional fulfilment of obligations under contracts with Belorussian suppliers, and minimizing the risks of the financing banks. We hope for long-term cooperation.